District 3 has opened the Fan Page for 2016-2017 fall sports power rankings.  Please click on the link below to open the winter sports rankings.


Please note:

District 3 will no longer produce static pdfs of the power rankings as it has the last five years except for the final and official power rankings in each power-ranked sport.  Rather, the power rankings will be updated in real time.  That is, the power ranking you see at the moment could change within seconds if a new result is added after you click into the page.  As such, the power rankings will change throughout the day, every day, until the power rankings are closed following the deadline date for each sport.

District 3 schools are required to submit their own results to the power ranking software system.  It is important to note that just because one District 3 school submits its result, the power ranking generated by that contest is not fully updated until the opposing school also submits a result for the same contest.

District 3 is responsible for the input of results of non-District 3 opponents who have played District 3 opponents.  The district updates the non-District 3 results on a daily basis.  Contests for non-District 3 opponents are also included in the list of upcoming games.

We hope you enjoy the Fan Page.  Questions or comments, please direct to District 3 Webmaster Rod Frisco at tripletdad1@comcast.net.