Link to the Fan Page for 2017-2018 District III Power Rankings:





This season, District III has added four new columns to the Fan Page rankings to provide schools, coaches and fans with more information.  These columns are labeled as such:

TWPW:  A team’s own cumulative weighted win points

OWPW:  A team’s opponents’ cumulative weighted win points

TWPL:  A team’s own cumulative weighted loss points

OWPL:  A team’s opponents’ cumulative weighted loss points

These totals provide a school’s TWP (team weighted winning percentage) and OWP (opponents weighted winning percentage.

To calculate TWP, add the TWPW total and the TWPL total for a team total (not shown on the Fan Page). Divide the TWPW total by the team total to calculate the TWP number shown under the TWP column on the Fan Page.

To calculate OWP, add the OWPW total and the OWPL total for a team total (not shown on the Fan Page). Divide the OWPW total by the team total to calculate the OWP number shown under the OWP column on the Fan Page.

To calculate the final power ranking, multiply the TWP number by .55.  Multiply the OWP number by .45.  ADD those two numbers: that is the power ranking figure.

Please keep in mind that each District III school is charged with entering its own results.  Each school must enter its results for the calculations to work properly.  That is, both the winning and losing team must submit the results of their contest in order to properly calculate the power rankings.  District III encourages its schools to submit results by noon of the day following a contest, including weekends.

District III is responsible for entering the results of non-District III opponents in all power-ranked sports.  The District makes every attempt to submit those results the day following a contest.  Those results will sometimes be entered later than the following day often due to sheer volume of such results and the occasional difficulty of finding a confirmed out-of-district result.

The software used for calculation power rankings is dynamic: the moment a result is entered, the software recalculates immediately.  Thus, a power ranking number viewed 10 minutes earlier, for example, could change in the interim as more data that affects that ranking is entered.  Data is entered throughout the day.

Thank you for your interest in the District III Power Rankings.