PIAA District III ruled today that three District III football players – Micah Parsons and Zion Patterson of Harrisburg and Mike Jones of Central Dauphin East – are eligible to play immediately.


The ruling comes after the district received additional information regarding each of the students’ recent transfers, information that clarified the need for a transfer for each student.  Due to student privacy concerns, District III will not release that information to the public.


“District III was not going to sit idly by while there were unanswered questions regarding each of these transfers,” District III chairman Ron Kennedy, athletic director at Donegal High School, said.  “We needed some further scrutiny of these transfers, and now we have more information on each case.


District III executives reviewed the information and found that information, in concert with the Member School Athletic Transfer Waiver Request Forms that were signed by the sending and receiving principals of all schools, provided the basis for immediate eligibility.


The three students were permitted to practice following their transfers, but their athletic eligibility was not granted until District III approved it.  As per PIAA rules, student-athletes may not participate in contests until granted such approval by its district.


“We wanted to follow the process,” Mr. Kennedy said. “We needed clarification on some of the details related to eligibility, but we also want put our faith and trust in the people who run our schools, which is our principals.”


The district had initially set Monday, Oct. 31, as a hearing date should a hearing have been required.  However, the information received by the district convinced district officials that a hearing is unnecessary.


The three players are also eligible for the PIAA District III M&T Bank Football Championships should their teams qualify.  The Football Championships begin Friday, Nov. 11, at various sites throughout District III.


Micah Parsons transferred from Central Dauphin to Harrisburg, Zion Patterson from Carlisle to Harrisburg abd Mike Jones from Bishop McDevitt to Central Dauphin East.



PIAA District III wrestling chairman Randy Umberger confirmed today the 2016-2017 District III M&T Bank Wrestling Championships will be held at Giant Center.


The move will give District III some distinct advantages in the operation of the wrestling championships and provide greater comfort for fans attending the event, which has been held at neighboring Hersheypark Arena since 2003.


This year’s District III M&T Bank Wrestling Championships will be conducted over a three-day period for the first time since 2004.  The Class 3A preliminaries and quarterfinals will be conducted on Thursday, Feb. 23 beginning at 3 p.m.  Only Class 3A will be wrestled on Thursday.


Class 2A will begin on Friday, Feb. 24, at 10 a.m. with preliminaries and quarterfinals.  Both classes will wrestle concurrent championship semifinals Friday beginning at roughly 5:30 p.m.


The championships and consolation finals be conducted on Saturday, Feb. 25, beginning with the Parade of Champions at 9:45 a.m.  The approximate time of finish will be 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., at which time Giant Center must be cleared for the Hershey Bears hockey game that evening.


District III will post a detailed time schedule at www.piaadistrict3.org ASAP.


Also, PIAA District III plans to lower the cost of each session ticket to the District III norm of $6 for adults and $4 for students.


The PIAA District III M&T Bank Team Wrestling Championships will be conducted on Tuesday, Jan. 31 (Class AAA 3A preliminaries and quarterfinals), Wednesday, Feb. 1 (Class 2A quarterfinals and semifinals), Thursday, Feb. 2 (Class 3A championship semifinals and consolation quarterfinals and semifinals at Spring Grove Area HS) and Saturday, Feb. 4 (Class 3A and 2A third-place matches and championships at Spartan Center, Milton Hershey School)

District III Committee Meeting Highlights (Sept. 7)

Highlights from the Sept. 7, 2016, PIAA District III Committee Meeting at PIAA Office:

  • The District III Committee granted athletic eligibility to students from Carlisle Area High School and Kennard-Dale High School following hearings at the PIAA Office.
  • The boys soccer game between Gettysburg and Biglerville high schools on Sat., Sept. 3, will be removed from the District III Boys Soccer Power Rankings because the overtime procedure was improperly conducted.  District III adopted policy in the 2015-2016 school that all tournament games must adhere strictly to the NFHS / PIAA overtime rules or the game will not count in power rankings.  Although Gettysburg and Biglerville did go to penalty kicks (Gettysburg won on PKs), they did not play the mandatory sudden victory period(s) as provided in the overtime rule on the advice of game officials.  Although the error was not the lack of diligence on the part of the schools, which had arranged a compliant OT setup, the policy makes no exception or waiver for an incorrect procedure.  District III schools are reminded to follow the soccer and field hockey overtime procedures that are explicitly described in the PIAA’s preseason bulletin for both sports.
  • Presentations for a new District III website were conducted by Jen Motze of Big Teams / Schedule Star and Dave Meluni of SIDEARM Sports.  A decision on the new vendor will be made in the near future.


PIAA District 3 and M&T Bank are proud to announce the renewal of M&T Bank’s sponsorship of District 3 Championship events.


M&T Bank has agreed to sponsor all District 3 Championship events for the 2016-2017 school year with the bank given the option to renew on an annual basis through the 2020-2021 school year.


M&T Bank has agreed to pay PIAA District 3 a sum of $28,000 for each year the partnership is renewed.  In return, the bank will be the sponsor for all 85 District 3 championships across 16 sports and will be the exclusive sponsor of District 3 among all banking or financial institutions.  M&T Bank will also be promoted at the district’s sub-championship levels, the District 3 website and on District 3 social media.


The renewal comes following a highly successful four-year agreement between the district and the bank that was signed in April of 2012.  It was the first such sponsorship in District 3 history and remains the district’s only sponsorship agreement.


District 3 has been extremely pleased with its partnership with M&T Bank, an outstanding business that consistently delivers high-quality banking and financial services to the many communities within District 3’s geographical boundaries and beyond.  District 3 looks forward to its continued partnership with M&T Bank.

District 3 approves one-scrimmage option for football starting in 2016

The PIAA District III Committee today approved a measure to give its football schools the option to conduct one scrimmage and start the 2016 season as early as Friday, Aug. 26, instead of Friday, Sept. 2.


The measure, which passed unanimously, is as follows:


  • District 3 schools may participate in one scrimmage and begin the regular-season as early as Friday, Aug. 26.  Schools that choose this option may play a maximum 10-game schedule concluding on or before Nov. 5, 2016.  Key point: schools may only play 10 games in that 11-week period.


  • District 3 schools may also participate in two scrimmages, as per past practice, and play a 10-game schedule beginning the week following the Aug. 26 start date.  The regular-season schedule also must conclude on or before Nov. 5, 2016.


  • The District 3 Committee will determine the number of football qualifiers in each of the six classifications once the PIAA releases the state brackets in January.  District 3 has committed to maximizing the number of total qualifiers, but cautions that the number will be determined by when each classification enters the PIAA bracket.

In other actions:

  • District 3 has changed its pricing for the 2015-2016 District 3 M&T Bank Wrestling Championships.  The district will have two all-day admissions instead one admission on Friday and two on Saturday.   The admission on Friday, Feb. 26, at Hersheypark Arena will be $8 for adults and $6 for students.  The admission on Saturday, Feb. 27, at Hersheypark Arena will be $10 for adults and $8 for students.  Please keep in mind that the new Saturday price of $10 for adults and $8 for students replaces TWO admissions of $7 and $5 as per recent championships.


  • District 3 determined the number of qualifiers in all of its team sports except football as follows:
    • FIELD HOCKEY:  Class 3A – 10 qualifiers; 2A – 16; 1A – 14
    • GIRLS VOLLEYBALL:  4A – 16; 3A – 16; 2A – 6; 1A – 8
    • BOYS SOCCER:  4A – 16; 3A – 16; 2A – 10; 1A – 10
    • GIRLS SOCCER:  4A – 16; 3A – 16; 2A – 10; 1A – 8
    • GIRLS TENNIS:  3A – 12; 2A – 8
    • BOYS BASKETBALL:  6A – 12; 5A – 16; 4A – 10; 3A – 6; 2A – 4; 1A – 10
    • GIRLS BASKETBALL:  6A – 12; 5A – 16; 4A – 10; 3A – 6; 2A – 4; 1A – 10
    • WRESTLING:  3A – 16; 2A – 8
    • BASEBALL:  6A – 10; 5A – 14; 4A – 10; 3A – 6; 2A – 4; 1A – 6
    • SOFTBALL:  6A – 10; 5A – 16; 4A – 10; 3A – 6; 2A – 4; 1A – 2
    • GIRLS LACROSSE:  3A – 10; 2A – 12
    • BOYS LACROSSE:  3A – 8; 2A – 14
    • BOYS VOLLEYBALL:  3A – 14; 2A – 10
    • BOYS TENNIS:  3A 12; 2A – 8



Snyder, Robertson win D3 singles tennis titles; Minkin wins PIAA East Region golf

PIAA adds classifications in seven sports

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, the PIAA Board of Directors approved expanded classifications in seven sports.  Those sports (with the new number of classes in parentheses) are:


Football (6)

Basketball, Boys and Girls (6)

Baseball (6)

Softball (6)

Soccer, Boys and Girls (4)

Volleyball, Girls (4)

Field Hockey (3)


This sweeping change, which goes into effect for the 2016-2017 school year – as in, next year – will touch many aspects of District 3 and PIAA sports, not the least of which is the breakdown of schools in each district by sport.


Specifically in District 3, the change will have a significant effect on the power ranking system the district adopted in 2011-2012.  District 3 has engaged in some preliminary discussion about what expanded classifications will mean for District 3 schools.  But the district felt it best to stay away from concrete plans until the PIAA BOD made a decision on new classifications.  No one knew exactly how the entire matter would play out until  Wednesday.


Now that the vote has been taken and the decision has been made, both PIAA staff and the District 3 Committee will rapidly get to work on the various aspects of the new classification: Playoff brackets, power rankings, playoff dates and venues, officials (we need more!), etc.


But the first order of business will come at the end of October and early November when the PIAA has all of the enrollment figures from member schools in hand and is able to populate each sport in each district by classification.  That is the first and most critical component of the entire process.


So, patience, please, while schools submit those figures to PIAA, which in turn must provide the breakdown to the schools and the public.  Once that occurs, District 3 will be able to address all of the issues listed above.


Regardless of one’s position on classification expansion, Wednesday’s vote has ushered in a new and dynamic era in PIAA and District 3 sports.  While we at District 3 do not yet know exactly how this will impact any given school, we do know that we are ready to embrace the change and do our very best to provide student-athletes among our 100+ plus senior high schools with increased opportunity and first-rate championship events.


In short, we are excited about the upcoming changes in District 3 and PIAA championships.  We hope you are, too.


District 3 is pleased to announce the launch of the District 3 Fan Page, the new home of District 3 power rankings and contest results.

The Fan Page will give athletes, coaches, media and – of course – fans 24/7, real-time access to District 3 power rankings and contest results in all power-ranked sports.  The Fan Page will have its own dedicated tab on the website and will also be linked through the home page and the District 3 Power Rankings page.

District 3 will no longer produce static pdfs of the power rankings as it has the last five years.  Rather, the power rankings will be updated in real time.  That is, the power ranking you see at the moment could change within seconds if a new result is added after you enter the page.  As such, the power rankings will change throughout the day, every day, until the power rankings are closed following the deadline date for each sport.

District 3 schools are required to submit their own results to the power ranking software system.  It is important to note that just because one District 3 school submits its result, the power ranking generated by that contest is not fully updated until the opposing school also submits a result for the same contest.

District 3 is responsible for the input of results of non-District 3 opponents who have played District 3 opponents.  The district updates the non-District 3 results on a daily basis.  Contests for non-District 3 opponents are also included in the list of upcoming games.

While this is a significant change in the way District 3 reports its power rankings, we believe all who have an interest in power rankings will appreciate having 24/7, real-time access to the power rankings as well as contest results.

We hope you enjoy the new Fan Page.  Questions or comments, please direct to District 3 Webmaster Rod Frisco at tripletdad1@comcast.net.

District 3 Cross-Country Championships move to Big Spring HS in 2015 and 2016

The PIAA District 3 Committee unanimously approved Big Spring High School in Newville as the site for the District 3 M&T Bank Cross-Country Championships for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years.


The move was prompted by construction of a new road that will bisect the Parkview Cross-Country Course that District 3 has used since 2002.  Construction on the road, which is a PennDOT project, is scheduled to start in July of 2015 .  Because of the uncertainty of the course condition as a result of that pending construction, the district committee felt it was prudent to move the site.


In addition, the committee also decided to move the date of the cross-country championships from its recent Wednesday date to Saturday.  In 2015, the date will be Oct. 31.  In 2016, the date will be Oct. 29.

PIAA Board of Directors meeting, July 23, 2014

District 3 will provide updates from the PIAA Board of Directors meeting.  It will not be a live blog per se, but will be updated periodically.  Scroll down for updates.


The BOD approved the addition of District 1’s Springfield Twp. to the list of schools that sponsor softball, correcting an oversight from earlier this year.  The upshot is that Springfield’s addition to the list of District 1 schools with softball now gives District 1 four Class AA softball teams instead of three.  By PIAA policy, District 1 is now entitled to a spot in the PIAA Class AA Softball Championship bracket.  The approved Class AA brackets for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 did not include a spot for District 1; they have been revised.


BOD rejected a request by District 1’s Calvary Christian to withdraw its voluntary upgrade  in boys’ BKB from A to AA.  Calvary Christian will remain Class AA for the 2014-2015 school year.


Marian Catholic’s request to upgrade from Class A to Class AA in softball was rejected.  Only District 11 voted in favor of the move.


Moravian Academy’s request to upgrade to AAA in baseball, softball and boys and girls basketball was narrowly approved.  The other schools were rejected because the request came after the established deadline for voluntary upgrade requests.  But Moravian Academy is now a full member of District 11’s Colonial League after having been an associate member of the league for years, and District 11 argued that, under the circumstances, the request should be approved.


SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP SITES – 2014-2015 through 2017-2018


Baseball – Penn State’s Medlar Field at Lubrano Park


Softball – Beard Field at Nittany Lion Softball Park


Lacrosse – Hersheypark Stadium


Boys’ Tennis – Hershey Racquet Club


Boys’ Volleyball – Recreational Hall at Penn State University


Track & Field – Seth Grove Stadium, Shippensburg University


Only baseball had more than one bidder:  Coca-Cola Park in Allentown submitted a RFP, but Penn State was chosen primarily for its central Pennsylvania location


District 3 took a little swat on a proposed by-law change to allow a principal’s designee (often an assistant principal or athletic director), as well as the principal, to sign the certificate of eligibility, transfer waiver request and request for a decision of eligibility.  The proposal received 20 yes votes and 9 no votes with two members absent, one vote short of the 21 yes votes needed for a two-thirds majority.  Thus the proposal failed; only the principal may sign off on those forms.


UPDATE:  Well, a little redemption for the good guys.  During a presentation by PIAA CEO Mark Byers on entering eligibility lists to piaa.org, a new an excellent feature, District I chairman Mike Barber brought up whether athletic directors were prohibited from signing-off on the lists given the rejection of designee proposal.  At least a few BOD members saw the light on the by-law proposal.  But rather than re-visit the proposal in its entirety, a proposal was made to allow the principal’s designee to sign off on eligibility lists only.  The new proposal passed 21-7, but it did show that District III’s original proposal had far greater application than some previously believed.


As our chairman, Ron Kennedy, said, “We’ll take small victories.”


The BOD did unanimously approve new and improved language addressing the failure of a school to participate in a scheduled contest.  The approved language is here.


The Board unanimously approved a new PIAA Class AAA Field Hockey Championship bracket based on some significant changes from the last several years (District 3 losing its fifth qualifier, District 7 turning back its second qualifier).  The result is a state bracket that is radically different from recent years.  The bracket is here.


Recently, the NFHS rescinded its ban on jewelry in track and field and cross-country, essentially allowing all jewelry to be worn during competition.  But the BOD took issue with that decision and moved to keep PIAA’s jewelry ban in place for the 2014-2015 season.  So, District III X-C and track athletes  … NO jewelry of any kind for this year’s meets.